2.1 Setup development environment

Hello friends, My Hasura Internship is running good and I am in second week of it and my task is to setup development environment.

A local development environment is nothing but prerequisite of Hasura local development.

It is vary based on your computer operating environment.

Here is the details what is the primary requirement for dev environment based on the Operating systems.

For Linux:

Ubuntu 16.04: Bash Terminal

For Mac: Install brew

For Windows: Install git-bash terminal

As, I have use windows system I have been download and installed git-bash from the link below. Source: https://git-scm.com/downloads
Perk: Below Hasura blogpost should useful for installing and understanding git-bash. Source: blog.hasura.io

After the successfully installing git bash and brew for Windows and Mac respectively, We are successfully complete the setup of dev environment.

If you have any query I will happy to help.

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