McKinsey CEO ,what is for the poor and the middle class.

McKinsey CEO — we(Indians) are not feeling anything,

McKinsey CEO is saying that our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned India into Magnet. I am living in Jharkhand,mineral rich state of India,where iron ore is in abundance ,but surprisingly I am not feeling any of the forces of magnetism.So the bottom line is, to feel the force of magnetism, one needs to have resources to buy food and shelter and after that if some penny is left, then he/she could go for some kind of metallic assets to get the feel of magnetism.

Would they really make a difference at root?

Global CEOs are putting India back on their priority list after Narendra Modi’s’s ascension to power as said by McKinsey CEO Dominic Barton.I do not understand so much of economics and all,but as a common man , I have understood one thing that these Global CEOs are never going to solve any of the problems which are spreading like epidemics here. Yes Sir, I am talking about the problem of Unemployment, problem of poverty ,problem of lack of practical education system.There are many other problems as well,but those are social problems, so let’s not discuss about those.But Socioeconomic problems such as Poverty is a major socioeconomic issue because it is the source of many other socioeconomic concerns.So tell me what about these issues Mr.CEOs.

I am not against coming of the global companies to India.In-fact this is great to see other countries believing in our power and potential.But what I am saying is that, Apart from global companies, we should encourage our small scale industries so that in days to come they become a global company for other countries as well. All the companies, who are market leaders today at the world platform were small industry at one point of time during their initial phases but they had the back up of their government, they had ample support from their system. They believed in their tradition and culture, they respected themselves and their duty towards any thing they wished to do. The most important thing was that they were honest towards their work and all. But in India small scale industries are not given ample opportunity to grow and flourish. From the day this country has seen IT revolution, small scale industries have taken back seat. We the people are also responsible apart from the government. We love western food, western dresses and all, but if we see anything local made, hand made, we tend to ignore them. So if government is responsible for not encouraging the medium and small scale industries , then the reason might also be the drastic fall in the demand and for this drastic fall, we the people are responsible.

So instead of clapping on what this ceo or that ceo says, the government should also focus on the small scale industries as well. Only small scale industries are capable of solving all of the problems that I have mentioned above. There is lots and lots of potential in small scale industries. Remember our dependency and faith in small scale industries would reduce our dependency on foreign companies for the basic materials or raw materials which are required by the big companies. We have the capability of becoming the export leader in the fields of handicrafts, electronics,metals and minerals as well, we just need to believe in our potential. It’s we , we need to believe with proper support from the government.

So The Mr. Modi Government must convert India into magnet, but here the force of magnetism should act equally strong in all the directions for the purpose of development on each and every front which are often neglected by the upper class business society. The force of magnet should bring us all together for the sake of real development instead of being partial to the western community of companies.I appreciate the point that Mr.CEO has mentioned about the potential of the agricultural sector of this country. This one was real and rooted. Videshi to aate jaate rahenge, hum to yahin rahenge.

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