Learnings from my first internship at the age of 16 at Zappos.

If you had told me back in April that I was about to have one of the most productive summers of life amidst a whole pandemic, I would have called you crazy. But looking back, it is crazy how much I have learned throughout the summer. So what changed between then and now? Well, I got the incredible chance to intern at Zappos, an online retailer owned by Amazon. To summarize my experience at Zappos in one word, I would have to say WOW.

Throughout this amazing experience, I got the chance to work with so many people and learned…

How a language model that was ‘too dangerous to be released’ can be used to enable a host of deep-learning powered programming tools.

The area of Natural Language Processing has exploded over the last few years and has proven to be one of the most useful subsets of Artificial Intelligence (AI). NLP is a broad field of AI that enables applications like sentiment analysis, language translation, question-answering, voice assistants and much more! However, are there even more applications of NLP than the ones we have today?

I believe so. The last frontier of NLP is applying NLP techniques and AI to solve a more niche yet powerful task — understanding programming languages at a semantical level. This would enable a whole host of…

A look into how quantum computers break RSA encryption by understanding the unique properties of quantum computers and Shor’s algorithm.

If you are sending or dealing with any sort of private data over the internet like messages, emails, passwords, etc, you are taking advantage of a process known as encryption. Encryption refers to taking any sort of data and converting it into a cryptic form using a combination of seemingly random numbers or text. When we send a private message to someone, it is encrypted and then decrypted when the receiver receives the message. There are many ways of encrypting data, with a technique known as Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) encryption. …

How biocomputing could be the dark horse of computing

The year is 2020 in the Kingdom of Computing. The king, classical computing, has ruled the kingdom since 1953 and was the first ruler of the kingdom. But, the king is getting older, and the kingdom is looking into the potential heirs to the throne of the computing kingdom. While the oldest prince, quantum computing, has been the most popular among the people of the Computing Kingdom as the heir to the throne, another heir has emerged to the throne — biological computing or biocomputing.

Synthetic biology is an emerging field at the intersection of computer science and biology that…

How the future of learning, writing and maintaining code can be changed by the use of Machine Learning.

Due to the rapid advances in the subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as Natural Language Processing (NLP), we are currently surrounded by brilliant applications of NLP in our everyday lives. From the ubiquitous use of voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri to a plethora of other language-based tools like Grammarly and AI-powered summarization, many of us are taking advantage of NLP without even realizing. In fact, NLP is arguably the most successful application of AI in our everyday lives, with the market for NLP still growing at a rapid rate.


While NLP has produced remarkable results in…

An inside look into how computers learn to produce fake content using Generative Adversarial Networks and Deep Learning.

The painting looks impressive, right? Well, it is, but not in the human sense of the word. What do I mean by this? Well, the art piece you are looking at is generated by a computer 🤯! How on earth are computers getting so good at coming up with art?

For one, you aren’t alone, the art auctioning company. Christie’s sold a portrait for $432,000 that had been generated by a GAN, based on open-source code written by Robbie Barrat, a recent high-school graduate.

While it has caught the attention of mainstream media, it has also been considered a massive…

Understanding the basics of Reinforcement Learning and Deep Q Networks (DQN) for AI

You may have heard of other applications of AI, such as pattern recognition (detecting cancers, etc.). All of these applications rely on supervised learning where the computer is given a labeled dataset (it knows that is right and wrong). These applications are great but face a few shortcomings. Since they are trained off of datasets, they will simply recognize patterns and exploit those rather than exploring where humans have not.

Some of the places where reinforcement learning is being applied today. Currently, it is mainly deployed in smart robotics and games. Credit: Andrej Karpathy

This is where reinforcement learning comes in. It is neither supervised or unsupervised learning; it is its subset of AI. Reinforcement learning relies on a concept that is very intuitive…

Exploring ancient stoicism philosophy to propel happiness & fulfillment in modern life

Have you ever had an important event to go to and you were running late? If you were taking a car, you were probably frustrated about the traffic. If you were taking public transit, you were perhaps upset if it was even two minutes late. If you were walking, you were probably upset about the traffic lights not changing fast enough. All this may have resulted in you being late for the crucial meetings you had, a valuable presentation or networking event.

But in your mind, there wasn’t a doubt that the reason for your delay was the bus, traffic…

The surprising power of habits and how to harness them to your advantage

After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, something inside had changed. It changed my perspective on life and achieving success. James breaks down human behaviour and provides great analogies for us to learn from science and other successful individuals. I felt compelled to further breakdown some of the concepts highlighted in the book and share my learnings.

Small Habits → Big Difference

Would you care if you adopted a habit that improved your performance, productivity, fitter by 1% a day? Probably not.

You have probably faced this dilemma when you first start working out; you put in all this effort, but it feels like you…

Understanding Recurrent Neural Networks and LSTMs to do sentiment analysis and much more

Positivity seems out of reach nowadays with so many twitter accounts spreading negativity. However, life doesn’t have to be so bad, and you can decide to find more positivity on twitter (the nerdy way). We can use deep learning to detect whether an account is mainly positive and negative. This article is going to be a long one, so buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride!

Basics of Deep Learning and Neural Networks

If you do not know what Neural Networks are and how they work, you are in for a treat. Check out this video to learn about the vast and exciting world of…

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