Every Structure Of Carbon Nanotubes Has Huge Significance In Advanced Technology

Carbon Nanotubes | Image Resource : tradingcomputersnow.com

Nanotubes that contain a huge amount of carbon atoms are now absolutely perfect and popular for using in all the technical fields. The tubular molecule with a vast amount of carbon particle gives a new dimension in the field of latest technology. Various kinds of nanotubes are now available in online e-commerce sites which users can buy at a reasonable price for different uses.
Nanotubes must be chosen according to its functional capacity and the arrangement of carbon atoms. The structure of carbon nanotubes always plays a vital role in the application in different technical devices. From simple structural nanotubes to extremely complicated nanotubes are now used in modern technology to make devices more efficient. The hexagonal structures of carbon molecule are extremely modified that improves the intensity of carbon nanotubes.

Different structure of carbon nanotubes in different fields

Carbon nanotubes are used now in all the fields that are completely regulated by various advanced technologies such as automation, manufacturing industries, medical science and electronics. The application of the tubes changes accordingly as the structure of carbon nanotubes changes. Generally, the carbon nanotubes structure is two types- the thin walled and the thick walled.

Here check below as the usages of carbon nanotubes in different fields are described below:

The graphite carbon nanotubes generally used in thermal power plants and the water purification plants as hydrogen bond distribution of every water droplet becomes swifter and accurate through the graphite carbon nanotubes.

The usages of 3D structure based nanotubes are extreme in the mechanical and the functional machinery and the computer application and medical science.

The zigzag nanotubes, armchair nanotubes, and the chiral nanotubes use in gas storage, radar absorbing coating and biosensors.
The thin-walled and thick-walled nanotubes are used in the different subjects such as thermal conductivity, energy storage and structural application according to the necessity.

Huge variation can be noticed in carbon nanotubes structure

The structure of nanotubes differs from each other interestingly. The arrangements of the carbon molecule give new shape and size of the carbon consisting nanotubes. Armchair nanotubes, zigzag nanotubes, and the chiral nanotubes are designed differently by changes in the carbon hexagonal formation. The carbon nanotubes structure change according to carbon hexagonal arrangements but the impacts of every type of carbon nanotubes are almost same.

So, it is clear that all the different types of carbon nanotubes bring a new era in the advanced field of technologies and make the technologies more efficient according to the modern hi-tech time.

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