The Usage And Concept Of Nano Lubricants

Nano Lubricants

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In the world of nanoparticles, another invention that grabs the attention of many people is miniscule lubricant. This product is produced to smoother the problems related to friction in technology. Generally, nano particles are smaller in size that in turn gives the benefits of having a higher surface area and this nanoparticle too, comes with the same advantage.

Due to modern innovation, technology is making its each invent smaller in size, and the friction issue comes forth clearly. The higher surface area of such nanoparticle gives the benefit of higher lubricity that reduces the friction level. With the introduction of nano lubricants using the concept of nanoparticles, the technology gets a compound that has anti-wear, friction-reduction and anti-corrosion properties.

The new approach for nano particles

The lubrication strategy using nano particles gives a new way to offer better services in the field of friction and wear. It uses the composite nano particles in the form of lubricating oil or greases to cater the essential lubricants.

Usage of the nano lubricants

Nano lubricant researchers usually look for the three versions of this lubrication which are lubricant additive, lubrication oil and grease. In terms of reducing friction in engines, such lubricants give the advantage of protecting the working surface of engines, improving heat transfer, lowering the oil consumption of vehicles and improving the engine efficiency. Apart from this, it also increases the durability of friction in engines. The new invention of nanoparticles earns many accolades from the mechanical world for its works.