Telecom Kiosks- The Advanced and Interactive Technology for Presentation

Many people have seen the Kiosks every day at the gas pumps to ATM, might few people have taken the self-service kiosks. It is the most creative campaigning method adopted by the companies. The companies use this concept because of the productivity and competition in the market. The personal selling of the products and demonstration through the large campaigns influences the market. However, the most effective way of marketing is through the Kiosks. The self-service kiosks manufacturers’ notices the current market strategies and manufacture kiosks as per the marketing demand.

What is kiosk?

A kiosk is a small booth structure or telecom kiosk in the mall hallways or in the common area of the market, which advertises the goods on behalf of the brand stores. It has gained the popularity, so the kiosk manufacturing companies have also gained popularity. The companies manufacture the variety of kiosks — some kiosk need special software and hardware installation for proper functioning. There is large number of kiosks available in the market

  • Internet kiosks
  • Retail kiosks
  • Informative kiosks
  • Computer kiosks

The manufacturers are very conscious in making the rugged hardware so that the kiosk withstands the robust conditions at the malls and markets.

Concept of kiosk

It all depends on the hardware and software of the kiosk. These are typically waterproof LCD fitted to the walls, floor stand or TV box, used for external digital signage throughout the globe. The advantage is customer’s comfort, branding opportunities, and use of the touch screen. With the rapid advancement in kiosk industry, the launch of the telecom kiosk is for public use. This expands the properties of the conventional payphone and includes the multimedia feature like- web browsing, bill payment, recharge, value added service, imaged receipts, customer support, inquiries, and email communication.

Benefits of kiosks

The self-service kiosk with the touch screen is very popular in retail services. The interactive and institutive nature of the touch screen makes it very popular technology hardware in the market. The benefits of this are

  • Reduction of cost by substituting the labor
  • Works 24*7 without coffee break means it improve efficiency
  • Multiple functionalities with touch screen improves customer satisfaction
  • Increases sales