The Name of Life — BALANCE

“Too much of anything is good for nothing.”

There exists several planets in our solar system but life existed only on this planet, earth. Why?

Because among all other planets, only Earth was located at a perfect distance from the ball of fire, sun. The distance was farther enough to be not melted by sun’s heat but closer enough not to be freezed into dead ice, either. Had the distance been a little off, the life would never have survived. Thus the foundation of life itself is based on one thing, balance.

We see in our everyday lives, as how many activities would not have been possible, had there been no balance. We would not have been able to walk if our body wouldn’t have been in equity, the temperature of the planet would not have been within survival limits if the water cycle wouldn’t be working in equivalence, the planetary species wouldn’t be in control had the food-chain wouldn’t be in harmony, and so on.

The foremost teacher of human is nature itself. Nature has clearly mentioned the criteria to clear life’s examination is to work in balance.

Have you ever done cooking? Do you know what it takes to make a good dish?

To make a good dish, you need — all the right set of ingredients mixed in right proportions and cooked at an appropriate temperature.

The 4 essential ingredients to make a good life are health, wealth, love and happiness. Just like if you take off even one tyre of a car, the car won’t go ahead, similarly if any one of these 4 ingredients is missing, the car of life won’t go much ahead.

So often, we are so focused to just put all the ingredients together and end up not realizing the value of mixing them in the right proportion too. So what comes out is a dish which doesn’t tastes well to our expectations.

Work is an essential part of our life but some people consider work as the only part of their life and take huge pride for working long hours. But what if they miss out to take care of other important areas of life. Is it worth it?

It takes a balanced mind to know when to speak and when not to speak; it takes a balanced courage to know when to stand-up to defend the honor and when to sit-down to accept the rightful; and so on.

Without balance in sleep, there won’t be efficiency in work; without balance in diet, there won’t be healthy body; without balance in exercise, there won’t be a strong body and without balance in love and respect for others, there won’t be firm relationships.

No wonder those who don’t allow success to get to their mind and defeat to their heart and maintain a balanced attitude in life are the ones who take the storms of life head-on and still come out unharmed.