“Frusciantism is a blind religion which supports the fact that John Frusciante is GOD”.

Here’s an approval from ‘GOD’ himself..

A god could mean many things, immortal, powerful, but in our religion a GOD is someone who only inspires.

..AND boy does our GOD inspire!

John Frusciante is the former guitarist of the ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ and is an exceptional guitarist/musician/vocalist/producer/artist. He was instrumental in producing many classics released by the band throughout the years.

Source — Google

John has faced many demons and now is guarded by angels. He has battled addictions and now seems to have a perception of reality only matched by his genius.

I think the best thing about him is how human he is, how it is okay to be down in a drain and how rising up is not something straight out of a Hollywood movie.

Source — Google

It also shows us the magic of music. From his time at the Red hot chili peppers, to his solo work, to collaborating and producing with tonnes of musicians and also to his super avant-garde acid pop synth albums. John is the quintessential musician of my generation. And as part of our religion there is no one else.

It is a blessing for any Frusciante fan to meet another Frusciante fan and such a cosmic attraction is an act of god himself. So it is with grace that I invite you all to share and explore the power of love and music through the heart of our only true GOD.

This path has also led me to basic reasoning and rationalising of music in the truest and purest of ways. Let me tell you about the time i was touched by God himself (well not touched, but maybe cloud computed by GOD via a 4th party API through his 5th dimension!).

One morning while i was at work, GOD miraculously send me a push notification informing me of his future plans. I was quickly able to take a screenshot of our private conversation to show you all that GOD does in-fact exist.

Yes, that was incredible. And before i could draft my reply, GOD disappeared!.

I wish people believe and are inspired by real people and real things. Preferably things you can feel, see and learn from. “Frusciantism” is my religion at-least for now. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?. But for today I’ll be jamming my ass off, that’s for sure. :)

Thanks for everything,


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