One of ‘THOSE’ albums.

There are very few albums where your ears are treated to a beautiful cocktail of passionate guitar riffs, brilliant mumbo-jumbo lyrics, literally sexy baselines and a rock solid thumping drum line like what you hear on the red hot chili pepper’s fifth album called ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’. This cocktail is a rollercoaster ride consisting of materials the band predominantly plays even today! That’s 24 years ago! The band credits producer Rick Ruben for being a lot more understanding than their previous producers and the group was very comfortable with him during the entire production of the album.

The songs in this particular album are funky, hard-hitting, melodious and beautiful. John Frusciante in this album really shines as someone who’s in a lot more control of the songs as compared to the previous album ‘Mother’s Milk’. Frusciante’s distinctive guitar playing and genius songwriting capabilities are all over this album. (Not to forget his backing vocals :)). Flea is a perfect balance between Chad ‘the beast’ behind the drum kit and John the ‘mad scientist’ on guitar. Anthony Kiedis does what he does best and is leading this chaotic container full of inflammable creative juices! Apart from electric guitar madness there is a lot of subtleness and melody in songs such as ‘Breaking the girl’ and the classic ‘Under the bridge’.

I could write stories about how every song makes me feel cause that’s what this album does to me. Right from the start “The Power of Equality” feels like entering the perfect house party!. “If You Have To Ask” according to me is such an under-estimated song!. “Funky Monks” and “Suck My Kiss” is like getting propelled into space, you either like it or you don’t but you can’t get off the space shuttle!. “The Greeting Song” makes you wanna get up and dance while you subconsciously realise that the only way you can really dance to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song is the way Anthony Kiedis does it. “Give it Away” is a masterpiece is a must play at all their concerts.

“An out of context question here, but am i the only one still waiting for the ‘Californication’ video game?!?”.

“Sir Psycho Sexy” is filled with the Chili Pepper attitude, the lyrics, the baseline, that drum beat and John’s guitar scream out their individual personalities which flow out their bodies the moment the song begins. Also how can anyone miss out that outro?! What is that?! It’s beautiful :) To sum it up, this album really is a journey and if you are a big Chili Pepper fan you know what it feels like to listen to the full album in one sitting! Experiencing different emotions and getting lost amidst thoughts about Love, Rage, Loss, Fear and Ambition. This album for me is really one of “those” albums that holds a special place in my heart. People also forget the amount of diversity this album brings together from Funk, Blues, Soul, Rap, Hip-Hop, Rock N Roll. The creative outburst that these lads had is really awesome and very rightly deserves to be recognised as a top top album!

If I were president I’d make every student in public and private schools all over the country to listen to this album for an entire semester!

I’ll leave with you a little clipping of how they recorded ‘Breaking the Girl’