Sometimes I think of that day when I have taken my own decision first time I know that my decision is wrong but I do what I think has right for me

  • One day my parents call me and say that if you want to go the boarding school and say the last decision is mine this has the first time I have taken the decision that had changed my life and show me what I am and what I my goals in my life I have said to my parents that I will go to boarding school I know most of the person said no but I want to try something new and that decision really sucks I have go away from my parent and my friends which I don’t want to when I first go the school I see that most of student have not even meet their parent for about 2–3 years that I have never thought about but after that decision I came to know that decision is not like the game that when we want to do something new we can do it It is that path of your life if we choose wrong path it will destroy your life my example is nothing at that place

This is my first time so please if their is any mistake in this please ignore it