Balcony – the most neglected part of home

Of late, I’ve been discussing importance of balcony with my friends; mostly while at the balcony. And their reaction, filled with joy of discovery and disappointment of underutilisation, revealed how a great life-enhancing space is uncaringly neglected by most of us. Like that exercise machine we bought during last winter.

Not that we don’t think about it while building/purchasing our house; in fact, they are viewed as fantasy objects during that phase. However, balconies are often traded for the want of the bigger space ‘inside’ the house. The negligence begins from here.

We further overlook this place owing to the dominance of television in the drawing room, stress of the routine lifestyle in the bedroom, rush of getting anywhere from dining tables and ubiquity of Internet connected devices in the house.

Balcony is the space that instantaneously breaks monotony of the routine.

Breaking away from home melodrama, giving worldview (literally and figuratively)to my kid, listening to the mood songs, that wave of cold breeze in scorching summer, the raindrops splashing against my sky facing palm, the sound of chirping birds, the flight of a peacock, sight of the green patch in the otherwise concretised landscape, deep puffs of a hand-rolled cigarette, the gaze at my see-through whiskey filled glass and of course the nostalgia.

I’ve had some of the most distraction-free time with myself, family and friends in my balcony and have been able to strike some of the best conversations, including this one. :)

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