The best scene of Nolan’s Dunkirk

A soldier, rattled by the lost battle, is labouring his way out of the shipwreck in middle of the sea. A man alongside his reluctant teenage son and his son’s willing friend decides to take their yacht in to the direction of the battle to rescue the survivors. While the man is persuading his son about the necessity of this brave act, the sailing yacht comes across the destroyed ship and the soldier is rescued.

Fished from the sea, the solider is traumatised by the brutality of the war. Before he could gather his breath, he loses his mind upon realising that the yacht is not taking him home. The soldier warns the civilian men against going further in to the battle. Frightened but determined civilians decide to ignore the soldier’s warning and keep sailing. The soldier has experienced what the civilians can’t imagine. He confronts them and a strife erupts. In heat of the moment, the soldier pushes the friend of yacht owner’s son down the steps. The boy gets injured by the soldier. And the soldier, shocked by his action, decides to calm down.

The yacht owner’s son checks on his friend and finds that his friend, hurt bad on his head, is bleeding and cannot see anything. The son angrily looks at his father as if to assert that his reluctance to enter the troubled waters was valid. The father, whose elder son was taken away by the same war, reminds his younger one to focus on rescuing more sons fighting the dreaded war. Meanwhile, the soldier overcame by his guilt inquires if the boy was okay.

While the yacht is rescuing few more helpless soldiers along the way of the sea battle, the son checks on his injured friend only to find out that he is dead. At this very moment, from the distance, the soldier attacked by the trauma of lost battle and guilt of injuring a civilian asks the yacht owner’s son if his friend was okay.

And the son, who just lost his friend in this battle and a brother in this war, looks at his earnest father and the emotionally damaged soldier, and profoundly responds, “Yeah, he is fine.”

For me, this was the highest moment of experiencing Nolan’s #Dunkirk.

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