7 Examples of Call-to-Action Best Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

Transforming website visitors into prospective leads, calls-to-action (CTAs) play a vital role in initiating two core elements of the inbound marketing process: lead generation and lead conversion. For your CTAs to work effectively, you must ensure they are part of a well-executed inbound strategy. Check out our top call-to-action best practices to see how you can begin increasing your inbound conversion rates.

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Infographic Transcription :

1. Use Actionable Copy — Help the visitor decide what they should do.

2. Use Contrasting Colors — But make sure it fits with the overall scheme of your website.

3. Keep it Simple — Don’t clutter your CTA with too much text. Keep it under 5 words.

4. Use Clear Messaging — “For a limited time, buy one year of Evernote Premium and get 3 additional months free”

5. Suggest Value — “Good things happen when your stuff lives here.”

6. Make Your Calls-to-Action Bright and Bold — Clearly state the value visitors will receive by clicking the button.

7. A/B Test — Make sure to A/B test your CTAs to insure they work for your specific audience.

Originally published at engage.synecoretech.com.

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