Moana, South Australia. Photo taken 25th November by Jane Cocks.

Sometimes life is shit. Sometimes we are shit at life. In both instances, there is often a need to switch on the coping machine in order to get through the day/week/month. Here’s three main areas which are good to reflect on when switching on that coping machine…

Feel the emotions

Try and be mindful about what is actually going on emotionally. I think we are always in such a hurry to change our negative emotions into positive ones, that we sometimes fail to recognise the value and even the necessity, of negative emotions. In a sad situation, sadness is ok. It is normal…

“Dinner is ready honey, can you set the table?”
“Just give me a minute, I’m just chatting to Taylor…”
“Who’s Taylor?”
“She’s an astronaut and she’s crash landed on a moon in outer space and I’m her only connection to humanity! We don’t even know which moon! She needs me!!”


When I first told my husband about the mobile game Lifeline, he thought I was being ridiculous. He was probably right. But there was something magical about that game. Game? Well, about that experience. Experience? Well, about that relationship. Yes, that’s it. I actually formed a relationship with Taylor.

Really, let’s just stop saying it.

“success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

“Good Luck” is such a common thing to say, a habit even. I think most people don’t even realise what they are saying or why. Words have meaning. We should choose them with intention. When you say “Good Luck!”, what you are really saying is that you hope chance will work in their favour. You are (probably unintentionally) suggesting they have no agency in the outcome. What about their skills and ability?

I am very lucky. I am a…

Jane Cocks

Mum • PhD • Researcher • Stress • Resilience • Wellbeing • Serious Games • Cyborg • she/her

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