The Nigeria Project; So Far So Bad

Since the arrival of the British a few hundred years ago, the white man, the black man, the military and the agbada men have all attempted to steer Nigeria towards greatness, all to no avail.

Nigeria is seen mostly as a nation that has all it needs to be a great nation but has somehow insisted on remaining in the trenches. The few good things about Nigeria is down to individual brilliance and tenacity rather than an enabling environment.

Since independence from Britain in 1960, Nigeria and Nigerians have tried various forms of government to take them to the promised land, a number of them have taken a wrong turn or simply taken them back to the dark ages.

The Nigeria Project has so far remained in its infancy. This is largely due to its disunited people and lopsided constitution. In a brash attempt at amalgamation, the regions were unevenly yoked, creating an uneven distribution of power that persists till date.

When Gen. Odumegwu Ojukwu sought to carve out the Biafra nation out of the then Nigeria, a bloody civil war ensued. However, if Ojukwu's agitation was launched in recent times, he would probably enjoy far greater following and success.

Past Nigerian leaders have tried to ease the ill feeling but nepotism, sectarianism, and extreme marginalisation of certain regions is not a feeling that can be glossed over. The lack of Meritocracy in the Nigerian system means that round pegs will most often than not end up in a square hole.

The Nigeria Project that began in 1914 is yet to yield dividends to its citizens or the world at large.

I am not in any way calling for the outright end to the Nigeria Project rather I’m calling for a sincere conversation about how the current system has failed and is doomed. If during these conversations, it becomes apparent that Nigeria is not what we want, then we can collectively with sincerity build our individual nations that we can all call ours.



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