Welcome to my blog

Greetings. Whoever finds this blog, I don’t know how you did it but firstly I congratulate you and secondly, thank you. I realise what a small blip this is on the enormous radar that is the world wide web) so I appreciate your time spent, hopefully not wasted, while reading this.

A levels, accountancy and apprenticeships

I’m an apprenticeship advocate, no point mixing my words. Why should I pay to go to university to get the same qualification without any key workplace experience that’s essential to gaining employment? It took a while but that’s basically how I decided university wasn’t for me. Even though I had applied and received my offers I decided I was going for an accountancy apprenticeship and so I deferred my degree as a backup (you just never know).
So I’m twenty-one and in my second year of a Chartered Accountant’s Ireland training contract, this is my fourth year of my apprenticeship as I previously completed a two year Accounting Technician’s Ireland course and I’m a qualified member (MIATI). I’ve three a levels in Business Studies, Geography and English Literature, I couldn’t decide on a career path at sixteen so decided these would keep my options open and turned out to be three fascinating subjects, I would love to do a degree in any one of them at some point, perhaps via distance learning.

Creativity through writing

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, of any description. I’m a creative person with lot’s of ideas and some day I will write a novel, but until then I will make do with blogging. This blog will be a cathartic exercise, I will probably cover a wide range of areas that interest me and if anyone is reads my work, well that’s a bonus!

“That’s all folks”

Well for now at least.

Jordan Austin

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