Chasing Your Future

first at all, i just don’t know what i have to do and what step that i have to take, I have no idea about my future 10 years later. Honestly, i’m just a common guy without anything special, i’m just a stupid boy than my other friends in school but i have a big dream, i have a confident on my own, maybe if you know you’ll say that my dreams is to high for people like me, you will believe that the dreams won’t happen. I don’t care about that, i don’t even care what people will says to me…all i wanna do is just chasing this, chasing my bright future and i will do it on my own way, i’ll prove to them that i deserve to live in this world.

I’m telling you something, if many people out there like your friends or whatever underestimate you about your dreams don’t take it seriously, just consider that their says is just a shit and you have to put it down in the trashbag. Just believe in yourself, believe in yourself that you’re more deserve to live in this world than them. Do what you love, love what you do. Do what you have to do. No more bullshit, get rid of them…and start to walk ‘cause a journey for a long way is begin from one step.