Social Media Marketing for Today and the Future

Within the lifetime of millennials, no field has grown more than technology, and within that field one of the fastest growing industries is social media. But what is the future for social media? What role will it play and how?

Big Brand Syndication

Social networks merging with social networks to create one giant indistinguishable network, what Jayson DeMers (founder and CEO of AudienceBloom) calls a ‘single all-in-one social experience’.

Could this actually happen? Yes, and soon! Current social media giant Facebook has acquired Instagram, WhatsApp, Occulus VR and many other smaller companies and Twitter own the video platforms Vine and Periscope.

Is this the future for Social Media?

The trends appear to point to a future dominated by one or two big social media outlets.


Vacationers try to find their names on key chains or miniature license plates. It’s not something tailor-made for them, but it’s personalized.

In the same way social media and social media advertising are moving towards personalization without having to actually personalize anything. Data collection allows machines to see search habits and personal details. This all gets sent to an agency and then an ad pops up in your Facebook feed offering “Sushi deals in Lynchburg”.

Companies are trying to connect on a personal level and influence your purchases. It’s not quite the subliminal messaging of 1960s sci-fi. But the impact is incredible.

Virtual Reality and Live Streaming

YouTube has offered this service for multiple years, but with the new Facebook LiveStream feature this medium has even greater potential. Not only can your mom live stream your cat, companies can live stream events and bring CEO’s closer to the common man. Live streams can also be used for grassroots movements, political campaigns, community groups and more.

360 video and even 360 ads are already on the scene, and although currently the software and equipment for virtual reality is too expensive for the average citizen to afford, with advancements in technology it is likely we will see VR headsets as frequently as handheld gaming systems.