What’s happening in the USA? CNA 9/22/16

Indiana Man Found Three Days After Car Crash

Kevin Bell was driving from Pennsylvania to Indiana Saturday night when he lost control of his vehicle and drove down an embankment, eventually crashing into a tree. The crash immediately killed his girlfriend, Nikki Reed, but Bell survived with leg injuries. Remarkably, he was able to get free of the wreckage and drag himself up the embankment and to the side of the highway where he was found on Tuesday.

Southeast Sees Shortages and Price Spikes Following Pipeline Spill

Following a Sept. 9 gasoline pipeline leak in Alabama, gas prices have spiked across the Southeast United States as citizens scramble to get gas. Some stations have even sold out of fuel and shut down temporarily. The spill has caused Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and North Carolina to declare states of emergency.

Midwest Faces Severe Weather

Intense weather will be hitting the Midwest this week. A flash flood warning has been issued in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. In addition to severe thunderstorms and potential flooding, mudslides have also already blocked roads and rain is expected to continue throughout the week.

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