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When scientists discover the “Gay Gene”. I’ll believe that people are born that way, and that it’s not simply a case of personal choice. Scientists can point to the genes that account for my gender, hair, skin, and eye color. They cannot point to the gene that accounts for my heterosexual proclivities, because no such gene exits. I wasn’t born that way, it’s just my personal preference.

If you are a woman who likes sleeping with women, a man who likes sleeping with men, or ambivalent and sleeps with both, all the power to you. Just don’t try to convince me you were “born that way” and that it’s anything more than your own personal choice to do so.

As for “Gender Dismorphia” , sorry the correct term is still Gender Identity Disorder so far as I am concerned. Changing the diagnosis criteria and name simply to expand upon it’s definition, nor does not change the fact that it is still regarded as a mental disorder. There is no “Trans Gene”. No new or exciting science is being added to this discussion as a result of this particular report.

Contrary to what Mayer suggests at the end of this article, people with all kinds of mental disorders go on to live “fulfilled lives”, to assume otherwise would be simply ignorant. Living a “fulfilled life” does not negate the fact that someone may also suffer from a mental disorder in need of treatment.

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