Not inscrutable but definitely not Cold

To be a Buttoned up person is definitely a bane and it is something which can’t be changed overnight. A cold person loving someone is natural but the person who is being loved will invariably believe that they are not being pampered, loved or cared.

Even after confessing about the stoic nature how it won’t stop them from caring for their loved ones, people seldom understand and worst, they don’t believe about the love being showered and accuse of being Fake. You love a person and you get reciprocated back, you’d be on cloud nine and since you are self controlled, you wouldn’t display your emotions, you think the person is true to you in every aspect and then things start to go south. Obviously you’d be devastated, thinking what went wrong and when you realise the mistake, you’d want to curse yourself as the fault was not entirely on you for being reticent and for the mistakes you committed but it was the person’s wrongdoings which caused the break, whom you loved with all heart and got fooled while in the process.

Being stoic doesn’t mean non existence of emotions, it simply means that they don’t express like others which is not accepted but frowned upon.


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