Mission Trips Are The Worst Vacations

“Oh my goodness am I excited to talk about this!

Let me start off with talking about all the AMAZINGLY fun things I got to do with my friends!

One time during the mission trip we were swimming and having a ton of fun with each other in the middle of Austria…

Oh wait actually let me talk about the view first!

The view was INCREDIBLE! You totally missed out! Ah!!

OH AND THE FOOD! The food in Italy was absolutely incredible! We ate pizza and had so much Gelato that when I started sweating I started to smell like chocolate! HAHA it was so much fun!”

-Pod Javan 2017

The quote stated by Pod Javan is the exact opposite of what I want to sound like to you guys. :) Yes I did have a lot of fun and yes I got to experience beautiful views and delicious food!

But that’s not the thing I want to focus on. I don’t want to give off the vibe that this trip was a vacation with a “mission trip” label on it. This trip was a mission trip with a “mission trip” label on it. That’s the biggest thing that I want to prioritize when I talk about this experience, and I hope that you guys don’t think that the whole time YAC was actually snapping photos of the Big Ben and Coliseum instead of serving God and furthering his kingdom.

Our time was very purpose filled. We rarely had tourist days. In fact if I remember correctly only about 4 of the days on the trip (trip was 28 days) were committed to exploring the cities that we were in, and one of those days was us extremely tired because we stayed up for 30 hours to beat jet lag. :)

The food we ate was not always glorious English scones and authentic Italian Pizza. It was the YAC classic about 90% of the time (the YAC classic is bread and Nutella or bread meat and cheese).

The way we transported was not always with luxurious vans. When we were in Rome we didn’t have vans so we walked everywhere. I remember Alessio telling me that he tracked our walking and we walked 30 miles in 2 days around Rome.

Our areas where we stayed in were rarely hotels. I stayed in a trailer park and slept on a couch with Torin for the first chunk of the trip that was a 40 minute drive away from Creation Fest UK (The music festival in England we preformed at and served at for about a week).

We didn’t get that much sleep either. We would on a consistent basis wake up at 7:00am and go to bed around 12:00-2:00am.

I’m not saying these things to make you guys feel bad for us. I actually don’t think we suffered that much. I’m telling you guys this so you guys can understand that we were not on a vacation. We were serving and pouring our energy and hearts into this trip, and we had a great time doing it! I’ve grown to love every single moment of this trip even the parts where we were suffering a lot (I’ll write on that later).

I’ll end with this. Vacation wise this was the worst vacation I’ve ever had, but Mission trip wise this is easily the greatest mission trip I’ve been on.