CoffeeCoin Listed On Crex24 Exchange

COF/BTC Trading Pair Now Live On Popular Centralized Exchange

CoffeeCoin Is Now Live With A COF/BTC Trading Pair On

Nov. 7, 2018

Today the CoffeeCoin project is happy to announce a listing on the popular exchange. This is CoffeeCoin’s first listing on a centralized exchange with fiat funding options.

Crex24 is a Cyprus-based exchange that supports many altcoins and numerous fiat currencies. With an average of around USD $2,000,000 in daily trading volume, this listing offers COF an opportunity at increased liquidity and exposure. The COF/BTC trading pair now makes CoffeeCoin much more accessible to new users as well.

The CoffeeCoin / Bitcoin trading pair is now live at:

This listing will provide the CoffeeCoin project another option to onboard new users of our CoffeeChain platform, tools and services — helping us on our mission to bring blockchain efficiency to the specialty coffee trade.

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