SWYFT Official Announces the Soft Release of the Augmented Reality Crypto Hunter Game for iOS Devices

Jun 3, 2019 · 3 min read
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The big day is here. The team at SWYFT Official (ticker SATC on exchanges) is pleased to announce that the team’s third major product from the SWYFT family of crypto currency projects is here. The Crypto Hunter Augmented reality game for iOS devices is scheduled for soft release on the Apple App Store for the evening of June 3rd. This marks a huge milestone for the project team. Some of the top quality masternode projects that are included in the 20 cryptocurrencies on game launch include: LUX, GIN, XSN, MIDAS, Phore, XDNA, FROST, and CDZC. The team has also included non-masternode coins like BTC, ETH, and LTC in the game play with more projects under consideration for addition to the game.

What is Crypto Hunter?

The Crypto Hunter Augmented Reality Game is developed by SWYFT Official ($SATC ticker). The aim of the game is to deliver a fun and educational experience for the end user. The game will help users with masternode set ups, tools, and sharing community apps/videos all through its gameplay while also connecting businesses to the touch point of everyday users through the Apple Store and by our final release date, Google Play.

Crypto Hunter “The Hunt is on Game Preview”

How Does the Game Work?

The concept of the game is to turn Players into Investors by Educating them on the masternode world, crypto currencies, the tools needed and where to get started if desired after enjoying the game play.

This is done by way of pop on in game play Videos and Advertisements.

These Educational cards cover but are not limited to:

• Differences between Masternodes & Hardware Mining

• Local Wallet Setup

• VPS Setup

• Dedicated Hosting Platforms (I.E https://host.swyft.network/) 1 Click setup

• Exchanges

• Useful Community Engagement Tools (Telegram, Discord)

• Download Links (Github)

  • Due diligence checking before Investing

How Do You Play Crypto Hunter?

Step 1 — App Users download the Crypto Hunter App for FREE. The app link will be posted on the game’s website when live on the evening of June 3rd, 2019 and the Android App link will be linked once published in the near future.

Step 2 — Set-up your account (Username — Email and Password Required only

Step 3 — On Login — Crypto Hunter will drop Digital Treasures within a 3mile radius of your location

Step 4 — Travel towards the treasure you find and stand within 10 metres from them

Step 5 — Press AR Mode in the Crypto Hunter App and point your camera to the treasure, then tap to collect the coin.

Step 6 — Enter the appropriate Address in Settings and Withdraw from the Menu option for the coins that you have collected during game play. (1 Click)

Crypto Hunter Available Coins

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Live Coins in Crypto Hunter

Crypto Hunter Game References:

All of the information published in this article is based on information published from the project team in the below references. Please check them out for more information and enjoy the game!

SWYFT Discord

SWYFT Twitter

Crypto Hunter Website

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