How to structure code

Coding can be easy by practice but Structure code require practice + knowledge + Experience .

actually doing structured code is a crucial part of the coding.

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if You are going to write code you should have to write structure code from the day first.

The code can be structured by…

  • Proper thinking (Think Twice code once)
  • Understanding of Design Patterns
  • And Experience

Why Structuring of the code is important?

structured code can be easy to understand, and it increases the readability of the code.

1- Naming Convention or code convention:-

A major piece of organizing your code has to do with code convention. Code shows are an unquestionable requirement have for each undertaking. Without coding conventions, your code will turn into indistinguishable chaos in a short time.

Make a list of code conventions shows where you record how variables ought to be pronounced and some naming convention, and so on. The quantity of rules you can add to this rundown is boundless, and the number of rules can differ. Simply do what works for you and your group. Don’t hesitate to add new standards to the list of codes if the group feels like it. The equivalent goes for removing a convention from the list.

2- Follow Design Pattern:-

Finding out about design patterns and how they work is an incredible method to help structure your code and compose readable and maintainable code.

Realizing what configuration designs you could use in specific circumstances gives you the upside of not thinking of a half-nice arrangement yourself. By basically following the plan guideline your code will be fit as a fiddle definitely.

Be mindful so as to not overuse configuration designs — which is the most well-known trap with regards to utilizing configuration designs. In spite of the fact that you could actualize a structured design in a specific circumstance, it doesn’t mean you should. This will neutralize you and you’ll get an over engineered application that is difficult to get a handle on for different developers.

For more coding standards here is a unique and well described article

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