Create a captcha inside a mobile app form

A couple of weeks ago, a lead emailed me asking if I was available, since I was at the time, I sent him my pre-qualifying questions, to make sure we were a good fit before we spent any more time on this.

He wanted to build an app that let user upload videos to his server, I explained how he could do that without paying me, using off-the-shelf products available.

But he was determined to work with me so we scheduled a Skype call, we talked a little about the project, I wasn’t really interested because I felt that hiring me was going to cost him more money than he was going to make with that app.

So I politely declined, telling him we weren’t a good fit to work together.

But there was something that really made me think, one of the things he said about the app, is that he wanted the form for the users to upload the videos to have a captcha (you know, as in those form inputs that are there to prove you are an actual human).

I decided to share that story with you because I need to tell you something.

Please, don’t build a captcha in your mobile app, for real, why would you want to make it harder for your users to interact with your app?

I think he wanted to avoid spam submits on his server, but he was missing the point on something:

Captcha is there to prove you are an actual human submitting a form on a website, you know, because there are spammers creating scripts that auto submit forms online.

But remember that when you are building a mobile app, there has to be a step first, before the form can be submitted, the user needs to actually download and install your app in his/her phone.

I think that’s captcha enough, don’t you?

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