Khudi and Self Learning

Edhi sb embraced Amal’s Principle of Progress # 1


Abdul Sattar Edhi

Even a single word Abdul Sattar Edhi used to make a huge impact on a person; that was the greatest figure in Pakistani philanthropist. Throughout his life, Edhi Sb set examples for the world to follow through their actions. In fact, more work and less talk remained its principles to the very end.

In his biography, he said his mother would give him 1 paisa for his meals and another to give to a beggar.

As Benjie could talk about how Edhi sb just started by giving 1 paisa each day to someone in need, and how he initially just started Amal by doing very short workshops with only 3–4 students.

Do good and have good
  1. Choose one example from chapter 2 where Edhi sb embrace or use Amal’s principle and relate this example to you?

Edhi sb used principle of progress # 1 “Amal”. He did action by serving humanity without expecting anything in return.

I can relate this example to me in a way that I love to serve humanity. Because we come in world for to serve humanity not only to worships Allah for example, I feel very happy whenever I give any things to some deserving person which one I like most than its really become happiness moments to see happiness on others faces now it’s become my hobby and passion to see smile on others faces due to me or for me. Recently, I helped one of my good friend who was in need. And in future I do same to help others always. Now it’s become my life passion to live with the happiness of others same like Edhi Sb.

2. Explain the Edhi sb example?

Edhi sb once going to a football match, in a way he saw a man who was injured and having fever. He goes to him and then decided to help him. He went home and told the whole story to his mother. Her mother gave him food, first aid box etc. to serve him immediately. He came back to him again for giving him food and aid and from there a journey to serve the humanity started.

3. Why you chose this example and relate to your life. Give any example or situation from own life that is similar to this example from Edhi sb?

I chose this example because there is a lifelong lesson in it and I can relate this to my life because I have many times experience regarding this.

Actually, I know the pain when you’re in need and no one is there to help you out at that time you have only believed on Allah. That’s why I believe in helping others unconditionally.

4. How did you use the same principle in your own example?

I’ll use the principle of progress “Amal” in my life in a way to keep on setting examples for others, to how to be good to others in various possible ways.

5. What can people learn from both examples? (Edhi sb & yours)

People can learn from this example (Edhi sb & mine’s) that the thing you could do for Allah’s happiness will always be considered. I mean, to help others gives you an internal satisfaction and happiness.

That’s what I’ve to say.

Just Start Project: Don’t be Afraid

I have gone through a lot of fears, all kinds of them ever since I was a young boy; it is amazing (and I write this as a witness so those suffering like may be quickly healed by God); yes, it is amazing that it took a life time almost for me to be delivered from being fearful.

Please don’t misunderstand me, it was not because God was somehow unable to deliver me; it was because of my self-centered, sinful life that I was unable to receive the already provided deliverance

Firstly, I think so about it I can’t do it its very tough for me due to my internal afraid, because at that time I do permission to let anyone in my environment to think that I can’t do I can do it.

Actually, it happens when I am thinking deeply at one time that why I have not command on excel? What I have not and others have? what’s ability I have not others have? Why I am afraid of excel? Why fear comes upon me?

Although Allah is my well-wisher he born me completely no any things missing in me so why I command on excel during these thinking I am promising with my Allah that’s in future I worked very hard leaving of fear that I can’t do it, so I starts with that I do it and my mainly focus is me to get command on excel and I don’t let anyone in my environment to think that I can’t do I can do everything so with that hope I have to win that race I have to compete with others peoples.

What was the project/goal that you wanted to achieve in your #juststart project?

My goal is to learn Microsoft Excel. Though, I know the basics of excel but not very well. So, I want to be more proficient in it.

Why did you want to achieve this?

I want to achieve this goal because now a day’s most of the work is being done on Excel sheets.

What were the challenges that you’ve faced in the past towards achieving this?

Challenges which I faced in the past was just my fear. I thought that I can’t learn excel well. Actually, I was afraid of the formula’s which are used in Excel.

What was your experience completing these tasks?

First, I’ll learn the basics of Excel that how it works. Secondly, I’ll do some practical work on it to overcome my fear. Thirdly, I’ll do practice on daily bases to get full command on Excel.

What were the challenges that you faced?

I was very excited to implement these tasks to accomplish my goal. So, it was done amazingly. Challenges which I faced was the correct implementation of formulas but in the end, I was able to do well by trying again and again.

What did you learn from this experience?

I’ve learned from this experience that if you’re keen to learn something then take whatever steps you can take. After keep on trying you’ll achieve your goal/goals.

What are the next steps?

The next step which I’m going to take is just to stay on practicing the Microsoft Excel on regular basis just to stick on my concepts.

That’s the story which I ever remembered because after that story I never give up my efforts and never afraid of any things I have strong believed of that I can do everything’s. Failure is the first step for success so nothing is impossible in this world because impossible saying itself that I M Possible and I don’t let anyone in my environment to think that I can’t do I can do everything.