The Interested Challenge!

Last day, I was on call with my Matric & F. Sc class friend. So, I asked a lot of things / questions about himself to complete my #being interested challenge.

He told me that he is working on own software’s house now a day as he was completed of his software’s engineering from PU. Next week he has to go in some project exhibition in Expo center as he is superb in software’s projects too. Further, he has a plan to start his Master in software’s engineering from abroad university.

Few days ago, I was texting with one of my great friend. I came to know that he got promotion in his job place. As he is working as a 3D game developer at Arfa Karim IT Tower. So, he is very passionate towards his work because according to him it’s his dream job. Currently, he is working on developing some new games so majority of his time is being spend in this. Few days ago, he got his graduation degree too. He is planning to take admission in MS degree along with pursuing his job.

So, the things which I have learned from this #being interested activity / challenge are:

· You came to know what’s going in market (if you discuss profession)

· How to overcome the hurdles or hardships which you face while achieving your goals.

· You know about the social events / activities.

I’ll apply these learning in my life in a way to be focused and show dedication towards any tasks or work which will be assigned to me. I have to be patient and stable if any hardship comes in my way. You may take directions from your / others past mistakes or experiences. To communicate with others, you got various suggestions or ideas which will be helpful for you in making decisions.

So, I will help others too by making people #being interested in me.

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