Digital Divide = Mental Divide

Naseem Javed
Oct 12, 2019 · 6 min read

Visible across the world are always the intriguing divides;

Like the rich nations and the poor nations, the agricultural belts and the industrial complexes. Now suddenly visible in flying colors are the new divides of digitally advanced superior nations and not so advanced inferior analog performance nations.

Some are smart working and well adjusted skilled citizenry working on performance and global exportability and some in comparison not so trained confused unskilled citizenry declaring conflicts out of external fears and facing populism as internal realities… with some 30 elections in play around the world in 2019, a lot is still NOT being openly discussed at podiums.

Globally speaking, why is digital-divide directly related to mental-divide?

In a world of commerce, today,
to an adjusted and critically thinking mind,
digitization is now air,
metadata the new water,
imagination the new sky and
earth where the 200 nations reside,
and here mental adjustment becomes absolute mandatory prerequisite to enjoy, prosper with innovative excellence, bouncing
with beautiful cultures, languages
and histories all ready for progress to advance.

As digitization becomes the new types of currency,
the platform economies the next driving engines,
the challenge is to adjust to a new world
where digital divide is directly related to a new kind of mental acceptance
where skillful working citizenry becomes comfortable with
digital humming and buzzing economies creating a jobless world
where full-national-employment becomes a fake-election promise
and bold policies on lifelong learning and national mobilization of talent
creates occupational-progression for local grassroots-prosperity

Therefore, this mental-adjustment demands emotional strengths and stamina to form adjust and allow…creative thinking, critical problem solving and building bird’s eye view to global-age issues; overflow of technologies replacing qualified and experienced workers once in power by new advanced systems. Most importantly despite all the automation, the aspects of humanization of future where without diversity, tolerance, social-capitalism and sustainability there will only be restless citizenry, chaos and populism.

Mental endurance and stamina once again called upon just like 100 years ago when agrarian society forced to adopt industrialization and leaving farms and horses to feel comfortable with railways and machines were the mental adjustment issues of the period. We now live in virtual-perpetuity of innovative excellence but can only become masters of such transformation by deep-diving and adjusting our self-discovery, self-optimization and our mental strive to thrive in digital and collaborative age.

Horse riders becoming race car drivers are primarily mental adjustment challenges, as rest are details

Futurism demands superior mental advances:
Mental advances are not about more additional degrees but rather more global-age understanding and nurturing maturity to live in a diverse and complex performance world. The humming sound is not the air-conditioning it’s the sound of the future, for a deep dive on these topics oxygen and scuba gear may be required.

Understanding Mental Divide
Mental divide is a state of mind where mind stays locked into old systems clinging to fears of insecurity and blocking new digital advancements seen as threats to self-preservation. Farmers and horses both were in state of shock with the advent of car.

Understanding Silence
Today global bureaucracies are in deep shock over technocalamity where tsunamis of free flow technologies are drowning old established industries and institutions. The fears translated into silence, the silence eliminating engagement, the perpetuity of such cycles create corruption and the incompetency finally grips the towers of bureaucratic powers. The citizenry becomes restless and populism arises. This is simple common sense analysis where doctorates and yearlong case studies are no longer required.

Geographically, technically and mathematically it’s all out there and mostly possible.

Old fashioned thinking and hologramic economies preclude such peaceful progressions.

The global mind shift is now advancing across the world at grassroots level.

Nations need to prove philosophical understanding of global age over old fashion politicking.

Building massive platforms economies for regions is the fastest ways to eliminate populism.

If things still appear dark, it’s only a mental divide unable to read the future.

Mastery of digital-divide hidden in blockages of mental divides strangling progress

Eliminate Bureaucratic Crawl
Around the world only less than 10% bureaucracies “fully digitized”, the remaining 90% are still on the old pencil pushing multi-forms and rewarded for delayed-performance-mentality. When this translated to hundreds of departments and government agencies around the world, strangling small medium enterprises and their own local economies a terrible picture emerges.

The digitization systems at little and often at no cost to change have been available around for decades but fears of speedier, correctly tabulated and balanced columns are of deep concerns to bureaucracies causing shocks and fears in the spine.

The global digitization of public sectors around the world will be the biggest game changer since the invention of electricity. Dozens of economies and hundreds of key sectors although sitting in the brightly lit corridors but still mental-darkness hurting their own grassroots prosperity and the future of their nations. This is hurting grassroots prosperity.

Fixing the Fears of Populism
Nations can fix their local populism issues by deeper understanding of platform economy via national mobilization of entrepreneurialism because creating grassroots prosperity is still the most critical aspect. Going forward, where AI robots and block-chain models over take operational side of economies the massive global displacements of white collar workers will shape into unthinkable crisis. Poor and weak, untrained mental stamina becomes the invisible ghost when manifested in social collapse, exploited by populism.

Mind and mental issues are already the number one global mental health challenges as depression and social adjustment issues are peaking and any additional lack of this serious management with flare up massive restlessness and populism to throw out political stability seriously damaging any logical and peaceful debates and discussions. Just observe once leading economies; just add up once leading charts, no additional proof is required on the global lack of grassroots prosperity, fighting the gross inequalities and unfair practices.

Last few decades of political correctness has sequestered the Western world and corporate management into numb minds; while debates and discussions are the fastest way to learn, engage, resolve and advance we must; silence rots the issues to the point where invisible fears become monsters. Salaries are at standstill for decades, productivity, performance and profitability at bottom and absence of lifelong learning have seriously placed the working citizenry in a disadvantageous place on local progress and global exportability. Stop trade wars and start internal skills wars to uplift working citizenry to be export savvy.

The Elections Agenda around the World
Currently, options and platforms to escape populism are alive in at least in some 30 elections on global stage, as political leaderships are busy showing off their Teleprompters, something should have banned years ago, still promising all kinds of real and unreal possibilities. What’s missing is the depth and intellect of the dialogue, because sound bites overtake any long intelligent sentences while anxious public in panic have only limited options. The 30 plus nations can lay out massive “revolutions of digital platform economy models” models as real options and by national mobilization of entrepreneurialism they can uplift all working citizenry. The can calm fears of joblessness and clearly accept that future challenges on the “mental-divide” can be corrected with lifelong learning. In order the achieve clarity amongst voters the obvious lack of authoritative discussion and contents on such topics demands a revolutionary change in thinking and language to bring futurism closer to reality.

What can citizens do?
As social media and smart phone in pocket will not create a superior platform economy as what’s required are institutional answers on role of major national trading blocks and gate keepers of economy to come full circle on this new thinking. Round-table discussions are good start

However, what can citizens do, vote they must.

Rest is easy

Naseem Javed
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