Children must be thought how to think, not what to think.

It is not what you do for your children, but what you have thought them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.

“I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn” 
Albert Einstein 1879–1955

When it comes to Pakistan unfortunately Our formal educational institutes are unable to develop real world abilities in students and sometimes after completing the hard journey of 16 years most of us feel as we are still un fit for our professional and practical life & unable to perform our best in field. We have lack of ethical values and productive approach.

This is because we always have been judged by grades, numbers & percentage. we have been told that your CGPA and grades define your talent & success in future. We have never been thought to put our maximum efforts in our personal growth in order to groom our attitude and behavior.
 We have never been allowed to made mistakes to find our way. We have never been assessed on the basis of “every kid has his own unique talent” so we never tried to go out of the way. We are supposed to follow specific instructions which lead to specific levels of learning.

But this time our aim is to put some serious efforts to bring a change in our paralyzed education system by adding some “super partner Do It Yourself activities” which contains all the value building, interesting & everyday ingredients for the kids of primary level in urban and rural areas of Pakistan.
 So that they can actually learn and understand instead of shove every word of book in their minds. By taking this initiative, I believe our future generation will grow with excellence & adopt the principles of Amal, khudi, Kam kam kam & aik or giyara from the Day first. The Aim behind this initiative is to fill out the loopholes of our current education system, to introduce and encourage self-directed learning in kids which is the need of hour. As we believe that the mind of kid is like a piece of blank paper on which everything leaves a mark so why not we help them to become self-directed learner from the beginning and fill this blank paper with positivity, efficiency, creativity and inquisitiveness.

In order to achieve this goal our plan of action is:

· Brief Research on what requirements we will need to complete the task.

· Screening of kids for developmental purpose and to assess that how kids actually want to learn and in which kind of environment they feel more comfortable and active.

· In-person session with teachers to get the opinions on how we can make the learning process more effective, the deeper we go the better it gets.

· Camping for parental consoling to aware them that how necessary these activities are to prevent their kids for a paralyzed life, to identify their hidden talents and skills, to accept the fact that kid own involvement matters a lot in order to learn effectively and how crucial it is to understand the needs and wants of a kid to make them qualified with their own attributes.

To complete the plan, we divide the task for each group member:

· Sheraz & Awais will approach the schools.

· Rafia & me will conduct the research and compile the data for in-person session and parental consoling.

We have done the research and shortlisted the five schools as well and for next two weeks we are planning to arrange in-person session and complete the assessment procedure as well.

We believe that by taking this initiative and adding these activities we will foster the creativity, entrepreneurial-ism, and lifelong curiosity in our upcoming generation to thrive.