The Power of Autosuggestion

The power autosuggestion is a tool that you should really consider. If I have learned anything from becoming an entrepreneur it would be that you have to train your mind of all the tools you already have within. Once you gain awareness of all the tools you have your mind will become different from the rest of the world’s. Autosuggestion is one of several tools you will need along the path of being successful and being the strongest self you can be.

Autosuggestion is you taking control of how you mind reacts to anything that approaches you. You can literally take control of the way you influence your subconscious mind. When I first found out about this subconscious experience I realized that I had already been doing it but I also realized that I hadn’t been doing it enough, I was not taking advantage of it. Let me tell you the short story of how I had been using it without being aware of it. One day I was having dinner and I have this strict diet where I only allow myself to drink water with my diner. That day I decided that I was going to have some juice for the first time in a while. I was on my way to the refrigerator when I received a phone call and after I proceeded to get my drink. After I sat down to my plate I had realized that I actually got a water instead of the juice. See the phone call distracted my train of though and then when I went to get my drink my brain automatically suggested to get the water.

Now this is just one simplistic example but Autosuggestion is a sharp tool that you can use to accelerate success. Train your mind and make sure that your thoughts are the same as your goals constantly. These thoughts will reach your subconscious mind. Soon you will find yourself cruising through decisions correctly through the influence of autosuggestion.