Why did you leave home?

After reading this story based on the current North American millennial's situation, I realized that it is not that different from our current reality here in my country or latin-spoken societies.

“We do not leave our parents house until we get married”, that’s what’s taught from one generation to another. Of course there are other realities; married people may decide to continue living with their relatives if their income is not enough to buy or rent a house. If you’re having children before reaching a secure economical situation, doing that is even tougher. Family problems may also do the opposite, press you to leave your parent’s house. There may be a lot in the middle, alcohol or drugs problems, sexual orientation and misinformation, higher education or job positions not available in our hometowns but in other cities, among others.

Nevertheless, my closest circle of friends, coworkers and acquaintances seems to not follow that tendency. Many of them still live with their parents, but most of them don’t.

The following are some stories that I’ve recompiled during lunch time, social drinks, travels and IM with them.

By fifteen, I had to attend university and there’s no one in my hometown teaching what I wanted to learn, after that, living in a rented room far away from home became normal, living without my parents, yet missing them, became normal and I like it.

Three of my friends had the same speech.

There were not enough and well-paid job positions in my hometown, If I could, I’d still live with my parents. If I partnered, I’d invite him to live with us.

Two single and not related gochitos told me the same. It happens to be also the story of one my newest friends, she goes back home anytime she can.

I didn’t want to follow my parents rules anymore.

That’s my story and six more friends. Yet I left home once I reached a stable economical situation by 29 years old. Some of them left home earlier having to afford problems I did not have, others when graduated because they could and live in countries with a better economical situation.

Leaving home is such a growing experience, its different depending your age and culture. Having no parent’s rules means you have to have your owns rules. For example, laundry and full house cleaning every two weeks, you can do the dishes to the other day, be naked the whole day and a fridge full of everything you like the most.

Today I’m celebrating a year living in my own place, a year of personal growth. I’ve felt joy, sadness, fear, happiness the first days, or months…. All sorts of emotions. But currently I feel peace.