In a country with more than 38 million Spanish speakers, the main liberal newspaper (NYT) publishes…
Cesar A. Hidalgo

I would not say this was machine translated, but the awkward diction gives away the fact this was probably translated by journalists who are not trained in Spanish writing at this level. I’ve seen such things with native bilingual students at an Ivy League college. They grew up in America speaking Spanish with their mom and can speak fluently without an English accent. They can also read in Spanish without problems, but as far as writing goes, since their formal education, especially higher education, has been in English, they tend to lack the linguistic competences that would be expected of any journalist with a similar degree from a Spanish-speaking country. The result is awkward, and unlike what you would expect from the writing of a monolingual Spanish speaker without a university degree, because these journalists have a penchant for a florid phraseology in English that they sometimes try, but unfortunately cannot, convey effectively in Spanish.

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