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Schema stiching diagram

For the past year, I’ve been interested in everything concerning GraphQL.

This article is made with the intention of focusing more on real case scenarios that you will likely face in a project when using GraphQL.

In this article, I will talk about schema stitching. Schema stitching is the technology that allows having a single GraphQL schema made by combining several underlying API’s.

So from the API consumer perspective, it deals with just one GraphQL API, but behind the scenes, this API is just a facade of the underlying API’s.

One of the cool things of schema stitching is that these underlying API’s can be local (“resolved” by your server), or remote (“resolved” by an existing API) . If you want to have an overview of schema stitching, I recommend you to read this article. …

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Sonarqube dashboard

The static code analysis is an effective tool to have a good overview of the project code quality and to be able to predict potentials issues that can arise. The term ‘code quality’ is a bit vague in general but in our context, we can understand code quality as everything related to code consistency, readability, performance, test coverage, vulnerabilities…

This analysis can easily expose the areas of code that can be improved in terms of quality, and even better, we can integrate this analysis into the development workflow, and thus, tackle these code quality issues in the early stages of the development even before they reach the main branches. …

First of all, this article is not intended to be another article comparing Vue.js against Angular, nor a comparison between Vue.js and React.

There are plenty of articles, videos, and threads in forums where you can get an overall idea of each framework/library and the pros/cons of using them. However, if you were looking for it, you can find a good comparison in the Vue.js guide.

The goal of this article is to explain our experience (so consider this as my personal subjective opinion) of refactoring an existing application developed in Angular into Vue.js.

As a summary, if you don’t want to read the whole story, we are about to finish the refactoring with very good results and nobody in my team has died and the manager nor the client have killed us


Javier Ortiz Saorin Web developer, proton (+), Full stack developer and software engineer. Freelance

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