It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

Politics is ultimately about the management of conflict. If you want to win, then you need to make common cause with other factions in order to get a solid and durable winning majority (or plurality as Mrs. Clinton did indeed end up getting). Blaming people who have similar views to you and voted differently does not seem like the constructive way to actually getting people to your side. I worked hard for Bernie, and when the primaries ended I worked equally as hard for Mrs. Clinton. I knew the stakes involved, everyone who voted did. The problem was she was the wrong candidate at the wrong time with the wrong message. She also had LOTS of baggage (real and imagined), which also did not help. Everywhere I would go there was the sense that “these two are crooks” and I never had, nor was given an effective response to that sentiment. The message “I’m with Her!” also did not jive with how the broader electorate felt. The candidate who said “I’m with you” ultimately won, and it’s now on him to follow through with that promise, though I highly doubt it.