Sentiment and semantic analysis of Facebook conversations. (ENG)

Part 1. Data acquisition and juggling

  1. Download data from Facebook. In my case the main languages are Spanish and English (Around 70–30%).
  2. Unpack the files and keep “messages.htm”
  3. Combine the messages by day (other options are possible depending on the frequency of the messages).

Part 2. Sentiment

Dots: Real values. Solid lines: Lowess fits

Part 3. Semantics

3.1 Vocabulary

3.2 Number of Topics

Dots: Real values. Solid lines:: Lowess fit

3.3 Visualizations

3.3.1) Zoom in time.

3b) Importance of words




Data Juggler. Computational Scientist.

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Javier GB

Javier GB

Data Juggler. Computational Scientist.

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