My first Raid in a videogame was a terrible experience
Lucas Rivarola

“ I think that Raids are out of the question for me until, someday, I find people I feel comfortable playing with. People who, even when we make mistakes, we can laugh about it and just try again.”

Well yeah, that’s exactly how it should be, probably the reason why Bungie doesn’t want matchmaking in the game. I’m far from a Destiny fan and I’ve only played the first raid in Destiny 1 and never finished it, me and my friend got stuck at the final boss and after that I never played the game again until Destiny 2, they eventually finished it but I recall my experience on the raid to be the best thing in the game, and yeah, we had to repeat a lot of things several times, died a lot, shouted at the AI, called mistakes but most of all, laughed.

I have yet to try the raid in 2 and I don’t know if I’ll ever do it, we never gather enough people to do it and I’m already getting bored so, maybe I’ll be out of what I’m sure is the most fun activity the game has.

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