Love is the drug: a good old political online rant and why we need to remind ourselves about kindness

Originally posted last June 26, this is a repost from a personal opinion on the Brexit ballot results in the wake of November US elections.

Sadly today’s news only reassures the bitter state of the world, one that keeps dividing itself more every day. Is hard to get your head around how dissension is ruling everywhere. Right-wing nationalist parties are popular again among middle-class voters, inequality in all its forms is rising like popcorn, human rights are being violated by the minute, is a long troublesome list. Kids, we’re losing the battle, the word “union” is definitely not cool anymore. And is your job, the job of our generation and future ones to start undoing the mistakes of the grown-ups, leaving out personal agendas. It’s not a utopia, is just freakin common sense.

35mm still around London’s Victoria station I snapped, circa end of 2015

Britain, with all its faults and all its virtues, definitely lost its swag today. I hate the word nationalism. I’m from the old school of people who think if there’s something in this life you don’t choose is where you’re born. So the notion of making your country “great again” is utter rubbish, is a narrow-mind vision of so-called patriotism, is not only egoistic but makes no sense, as a citizen of any nation and as a human being.

Love is the drug I’m thinking of… Roxy Music (1975)

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