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There’s a lot of buzz today around Lean. Lean seems to be everywhere, from lean manufacturing, to lean thinking to lean startup. So as Mark Graban pointed out, there’s a lot of confusion about what is lean and what it isn’t.
Lean’s origin comes from Toyota back in the twentieth century. The term Lean Production was coined over 25 years ago!

Lean manufacturing is based on the Toyota Production System (TPS). At the heart of TPS are two central concepts: Jidoka (intelligent automation) and Just in Time (JIT). The TPS not only embodies lean manufacturing methodologies, but is ultimately behind the development of the lean business philosophy.

As John Shook once told Michael Ballé, “Lean is not value-free”. There are strong values that are more related to the way we lead and approach problems. The way we embrace knowledge and pursue excellence.

And this is the area I am really passionate about. We can find common values across industries and across professionals. What might a Plant Manager have in common with a Logistics Manager, a social Entrepreneur, an elite sport coach or a Web Developer?

It is a set of values, a mindset, an attitude.

Table 1 Lean Values

Based on this table, we can clearly identify commonalities.

Table 2 Lean Core Values matrix

Lean Values matrix

Do you live by this set of values? If you do, you might not know it, but you are a LEANER!

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