Why I decided to start a new venture

My father used to say “Passivity calls passivity and activity calls activity”.

I think he was absolutely right! The more you do the more you want to do more, specially if it is something that resonates with you. And vice versa, you have an assignment that you don’t like and the less you do the less you care and doing the minor of tasks seems to be as trying to climb the steepest mountain.

This is valid for anything. It applies also to physical activity. The less we move the lazier we become.

The good news is that the opposite happens too. The more you move, the better you feel and because you feel good you move even more.

But changing the direction of the wheel is not easy. Changing our habits and behaviours are one of the toughest things. The key to succeed is to star really (but REALLY) small. Small steps leading to big changes. That is applicable to many different contexts: personal and professional. In Japan, they called it “Kaizen” or “change for better” and has been practised in manufacturing companies since the nineteen forties in Toyota and the likes.

Some years ago I discovered my fascination for human behaviour. It was after I read The power of habits by Charles Duhigg. This book led to more reading( again activity calls activity).

I love sports. Now, on my forties, I play and move more than ever. I met my childhood friends over a ball. Team sports helped me become social, meet a lot of people and have real fun. When I was angry, I used to kick the ball against the wall until I calmed down.

I loved to ride my bike outdoors and felt re energised. Now, despite all the changes in my life, wife, kids, work, daily obligations and commitments, my approach to fitness hasn’t changed that much. I keep playing, making new friends and having fun. Now also I am more aware of the impact it makes me on my body and my mind to be physically active.

I also like entrepreneurship. 5 years ago I founded Reparamiauto.com, a “trip advisor” for Car Garages. It was not a great success with a happy ending but I didn’t stop there and other ventures followed. Smartplayds, staffpick.io or theleandigest.

Curiosity, love to learn something new, passion for sports and finding something meaningful led me to start my new venture: Walkers.

Some months ago, I started a journey to explore why people are inactive and how we might reverse that.

After months of research, direct observation, interviews, surveys, mentoring and team work we designed our first solution to tackle physical inactivity, to help people stop contemplating and get started.

I haven’t being alone in this journey and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

I don’t know yet if it will work or not but I am willing to try and learn. This is who I am and it makes me happy.

Have you started a new project or venture recently? Why? What were your key motivators to start on the first place? I’ll love to hear from you.