Segments of one
Mike LaVigne

Hi Mike,

Such a great post. I have to agree on all levels, for Clue. But what do you think about the following:

Do you think you’re able to assert the above, because the 1st level of intent of action (eg. the core block of an intent pyramid) of Clue users is singular? ie. to track menstrual cycle

Then maybe there’s higher level intents (2nd, 3rd.. on top of 1st), such as: track possible health issues, understand emotions, planning etc.

From reading your post, I feel we use very similar techniques, and we’ve arrived to similar conclusions. That within core intent, there are really no personas, but only a broad range of needs. We, like you’ve said, we also decide to focus on the central range, leaving out the extremes for the sake of operational effectiveness and ROI.

But we’ve also found the following. Due to the more open nature of some tools, we’ve found several levels of intents of action. Some products with broader use, in fact could become several products in one. So making a segmentation based on intent, has helped us define the boundaries of the product, based on the core intent we decide to pursue.

At this point, I feel like with Clue, we’ve found there’s no segmentation, as there’s only 1 core user base, with 1 core 1st level intent. But still with a wide range of 2nd or 3rd levels.

I pose the question.

Is it possible that for Clue there’s no segments, because the menstrual cycle by itself has biologically ruled out all other segments? And any other segmentation property eg. demo, behavior are in fact not relevant to creating a core user experience. Forgive if I’m in error, but don’t menstrual cycles follow the same core “journey map”?

Could you still assert there’s no segments posed with this imaginary but analogous (in principle) use case below?

What if the feature set of Clue would be ideal to track both menstrual cycle of women, but also blood sugar levels within both men and woman. Wouldn’t it be necessary to segment by intent of action here at least?

ie. Segment 1: woman that want to track menstrual cycle

Segment 2: woman and men that want to track blood sugar levels 
NOTE: Segment 2 would display your “no segmentation principle”. There’s be no difference in demo or anything else, as blood sugar has the same biological journey map for both men and woman, of all ages, of all conditions etc.

I’m hoping to hear your insight based on other products you’ve also worked with in the past.

Thanks for such a great post. And hope to extend the discussion. This topic is one of my favourites and always looking for insights from pros like yourself.

Agree 100%, but for Clue (or similar tools). I believe Clue is biologically segmented, as it has 1 biological journey map that defines 1st level intent. ie. tracking menstrual cycle. Thus further 1st level segmentation is impossible. Only 2nd or 3rd. We’ve found other products that have several 1st level intent journey map, due their broad capabilities. And we’ve had to segment on 1st level intent, so as to not end up with several products in one.

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