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I am not a big fan of the ‘rich Punjabi prince’ angle they’re having him move forward with, but it’s getting the heat they’re looking for. Mahal got lost in the shuffle and had bad luck ending up in 3MB (WeeLC match aside; loved it). No one I don’t think at this point is a truly a ‘bad worker’ in WWE. It’s all about taking an opportunity, having good in ring chemistry with your opponent and having enough time to tell a compelling story, be it in a match or promo. Getting over with the crowd is what matters most. I won’t be mad if Mahal wins, the heat he’ll receive will make for an opportunity down to line for whoever gets the title from him if he has some time with it (Nakamura? Zayn?). Then at that point you can have another established big heel and face. Establishing more main event level talent is what’s most important right now, especially for Smackdown.