-What if I told you there’s the wisest man on earth in that tower?- said the old man, the five kids stared in wonder. They could see the truth through his eyes, they had a really special glow — Why fear the key of eternal wonder?- he continued, this time the kids did not completely understand what he was trying to say.

Everyone in the village knew about the tower, it was in the outskirts of the town, about a twenty minute walk from the last house. It was so tall and yet, small enough to see the top. It was daring, and made you want to go inside and watch the world from the top. The kids believed you could see all the cities and towns there ever was, just by staring out the windows of the top. But there was something wrong, of course it sounded too good to be true, it had to have something dreadful. It was said that the man that lived inside the tower, was mad, and that there was no point in trying to go and speak to him, therefore there was no apparent reason to climb the tower.

Most of the people decided not to go and see the mad old man inside the the white tower. But let me tell you something, the people that had both the curiosity and courage to get inside, climb to the top, and meet this crazy old man, were never seen again. Only one had the courage to come back to the town, but people were really afraid of him, and tried to avoid him, even though he never said a word of what he had done all that time he was away. He only said it was not dangerous and that all the others that had gone before and after him were okay. But the town did not believed.

To be continued…