Fake News

Fake news is big in today’s world. Fake news is falsified claims or just flat out lies in the media.

Fake news is important to understand at our age. Never before have there been so many outlets to gather information. Social media, blog sites, etc make it easy for anyone to say whatever they want. That is great, but it makes it very tough for the reader. Never before have we had to do so much digging and background to make sure what we are absorbing is credible. This is especially important in politics when we are doing our research on candidates around election time.

These articles are terrific reads. Social media has such a large impact and influence in today’s world. It can become very difficult to separate fact from fiction and find credible articles and posts. Social media has many users and it is open season for people to speak their minds and some can easily influence others with false claims. It is important we are careful.

The Ted Talk below is very good. Ted Talks never seem to disappoint. Robert Hernandez goes into detail and explains fake news, what it is, specific examples, and what it means for journalists and consumers going forward. What I like most about the video, and where I think it is most impact for us as students is the emphasis and direction this will have from now and into the future.

I love political cartoons. Regardless of your views sometimes you just have to lighten up and have a sense of humor. That is what I try to do when I look at political cartoons! I thought these fit the story I am trying to tell. I am talking about fake news and the impact of social media in politics. The first one represents how often times news reporters and journalists can be inconsistent or have bias. The second post is President Trump with a cartoon version of tweets and quotes from media members and him being in an uproar planning his rebuttals on Twitter!

Lastly, I thought this article was very important, and also very relevant with election day being just this past Tuesday. When it comes to elections and voting people can try to mislead and manipulate voters, especially if they seem to be new or vulnerable. This article is short and right to the point in terms of things to look out for. Very informative and I’m sure was helpful to some this past Tuesday.

In conclusion, it is very apparent fake news is real and social media has a tremendous power and influence in politics. Whether it is your views, unofficial polls, or talk about elections, the latest from the West Wing, or who won the latest debate. Social media is a huge platform with all of that talk. The thing that we should all have learned, and that I learned from my research is, be careful. Find out who is credible,and what to pay attention to so I have not misinformed with bias, fake news, and misleading information.