Theaters were among the first venues to shutter due to COVID-19 and will likely be among the last to reopen.

It was a sobering conversation. One of my friends, whom I consider a professional and personal role model, said this:

“I’ve come to accept that my theatre career is over.”

She was met with silence. Not out of surprise, but out of deep recognition that this could be true for us, too. Our Zoom connection flickered. No one knew what to say.

Before the pandemic put the U.S. in a stranglehold, my friend was #bookedandblessed. She’d moved across the country, East to West Coast, to accommodate all the work offers she was receiving. Now, with a schedule wiped clean due…

Jennifer Vosters

Jennifer Vosters is an actor, director, musician, and writer living in America’s Dairyland. Happy cows do not come from California.

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