Why Christmas Cookies make Christmas

There are many aspects of Christmas that make it what it it is: the trees, lights, shopping, carols and so much more. Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. It is a widely-celebrated Christian holiday and for good reason; people celebrate Christmas to get closer to one another. The holiday season is the time of the year for bonding with one another…and I think there is a reason behind that.

I have a theory that it is the cookies that bring us together, and I’ll tell you why. Food is essential to sustain life and is commonly a conversation topic. I find it to be, that because Christmas cookies are customarily made at that time of year it is almost like we forget the sensation we have when eating them, until the following Christmas. Once everyone has had their Christmas cookie of choice, that’s when it gets interesting and everyone gets talking! It’s because of the cookie! TRUST ME.

Everyone has their favorite cookie. My mom’s favorite cookie is the Icebox cookie. My Grandma’s is the Date Nut cookie, and mine is the Almond Raspberry Bar. You might not even know what these cookies are because your family has their own signature Christmas cookies. Eating the cookies, is nostalgic. It brings back good memories from Christmases in the past.

Now, this theory may not be applicable to all families at Christmas but why don’t you make a big batch of cookies and test this theory! A few cookies never hurt anybody!