From WebStorm To VS Code

Asim Hussain
1 min readNov 22, 2017


My goto IDE for a long time has been WebStorm (well actually PyCharm but that’s a superset of WebStorm). Although I’ve been using VS Code for a while it’s just been as a quick text editor.

WebStorm still felt like my comfy home pants and VS Code felt like my going out jeans, I love my comfy home pants.

I know Web Storm so well that every-time I tried to get to grips with VS Code I ended up just getting frustrated and giving up when I couldn’t do the same task instantly in VS Code.

Finally I decided enough was enough, it’s time to learn it properly.

Thankfully I had the help of Brian Clarke who does the whats new in vs code videos on twitter and Burke Holland who created the site!

In this video they answer a bunch of questions I have about VS Code, like:


  • How to view history?
  • How to change branches?
  • How to stash and un-stash?
  • How to git blame?
  • How to git move?


  • Like how to?

File Watchers

  • Add a sass watcher so it just compiles automatically.


  • Auto Imports
  • Navigate Back and Forward through stack
Video of teaching Asim (the old dog) VS Code (new tricks)



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