My Angular 5 course is now Free — Merry Christmas 🎄

Asim Hussain
Dec 21, 2017 · 4 min read

I know we are all heading out for the holidays so I’ll keep this short.

I’ve just made my Angular course 100% FREE, Merry Christmas! 🎄

You could always download the book (or read it online) for free but previously you had to pay to watch the videos.

However today I’ve released all the videos for free as well, just go to the site ( and where you would have seen a button to buy the videos you’ll now see the video instead.

I’m sure you’ve all got some questions so here is an F.AQ.

Why did you release the book for free?

This was my way of giving back & I decided the fairest price was $0.

When I released my book for free, I did it both to give back the open source community which had given me a fantastic business as a course author, but at the time I was also agonising about the right way to price my courses.

I have plenty of students who can afford my sticker price, many others who struggle to scrape together $20. Why should someone who’s born in a wealthy country have more of a chance to learn than someone who’s born in a poor country? That’s not fair, I feel privileged to be born into a prosperous country, my parents were immigrants, but they did all the hard work to give me these advantages — all I had to do was be born.

I had thought of many different ideas, from pay-what-you-want to charging different prices based on the Big Mac Index for that country. In the end, I decided the most straightforward way was to charge for the videos and give the book away for free; this was helped in large part through some generous backers on Kickstarter (Thanks 🦄).

What happened after I released the book for free?

I suspected I’d get some positive karmic knock-on effects but nothing like this!

1- My blog 💥

The growth has been constant, why the jagged saw like pattern? It seems like far fewer people like to learn Angular on the weekend! 🤔

2- My newsletter 💥

It’s grown from about 7K subscribers to now 21K, now it’s increasing at a few thousand new subscribers each month.

3- My twitter following 💥

At the start of this year I had about 700 twitter followers, now I have over 5100 ❤️

4- Winning freelance gigs became a breeze.

Being a book author seems to be far more impressive to a client than being a course author.

5- I started to get accepted to speak at conferences.

Including the big-one, ng-conf!

6- I got a dream job as a Developer Advocate at Microsoft

My job is:

1- Thinking of cool things to build.
2- Building cool things.
3- Writing about the cool thing I built.
4- Flying around the world speaking at conferences about the cool thing I built.
5- Talking to other developers about the cool things they built.

Oh and I work mostly from home 🤣

So why now the videos?

If that is what happened to me when I released to book for free, let’s see what happens when I release the videos for free 😉.

How do I get access to the videos?

Just go to, it’s all online and freely available — no login required.

Isn’t this Angular course just old and that’s why you’ve made it free?

I’ve just updated the whole course, book and videos, to Angular 5 so no, it’s entirely up to date, and I plan on keeping it so.

Are you going to make ALL your courses free?

Nope, there are a lot of benefits of releasing content for free, but sometimes you just need hard cash.

Are you planning on creating more paid for content?

Yes, although it will more likely be advanced content.

I’ve just bought your Angular course, can I get a refund?

If have purchased a copy in the last month then feel free to ask for a refund via the Udemy refund process.

Asim Hussain

Written by

Coder, author, speaker, trainer, baller #javascript #angular

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