A person that love to be interviewed.

It has been so challenging for a person to perform such tasks where there he shows great potential, extra efforts, and some hard work. Despite the facts, it is learning process.

This week, I made it possible to drop my resume in Roots IVY campus, it was really challenging for me to step in as well as to manage few argumentative conversation with security persons of the institutions because I made a mistake at my end, forgot to bring my CNIC card with myself.

Wait is really not a good thing when you are really curious to meet someone to who you admire; I am talking about the lady of director Khadija Mushtaq, humble, kind and generous women I ever met, for who i waited for 3 hours in waiting area.

I’ve always be impatience and nervous whether in an interview or going to meet a person, on that day I used few tips to overcome my problems, through engaging myself in reading IVYIAN news letter, being kind with security person and talking to person who already seated there. One more interesting incident that happened inside the interview room was she didn’t asked about myself and her institute etc, despite she asked about my favourite food, movie, and the books that I had read. Her interviewing approach was very different but she was penning down my interests, liking, disliking, and personally I really enjoyed the conversation with her.

Although I convinced the security persons but thought personally, whenever I will go for an interview or meeting never forgotten to bring my important documents with self. Even if these problems occurs I will never argued with them.

I suggest my reader, whenever you get the chance to walk in an interview, don’t forget to take you personal documents(CNIC, University id card etc.)

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