Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

tomato Timer

An Italian entrepreneur Francisco developed a simple study habit that maximised his productivity and reduced the stress. This technique went on to become one of the most written-about and practiced productivity hacks of the past few decades.

I am a person who always do his work late or some time procrastinate it but couldn’t change my this habit. I really want to say thank to Pomodoro technique which helped me to overcome my this fear/habit.

At initial stage, it really made me confuse, every second i was looking at watch, but right 5 minutes i found myself within the box, I used this technique to write a blog. Where I constantly wrote for 30 minute without taking any pause, and never checked the timer and accomplished my blog within 20 mintues and I rewarded myself with a half roll of Rio Biscuits.

It really helped me in overcome my procrastination. And made ne to do all task before the time because when you reward yourself with a sweet you feel energy, and reward works like an energizer.

I decided to use this technique always whenever I start a difficult project work such as Amal WP because I am very lazy in submitting it. It will prevent me from procrastination.